“Peytons Vision”

Being the spouse of a professional bull rider I learned really quick the importance of the Western Sports Foundation. They are truly the backbone of bull riders and all western athletes!


WSF goes above and beyond to take extra good care of our athletes. They assist financially when doctor bills pile up from an injury, and have to sit our from competition. They also provide free clinics at the PBR sports performance center to help get them physically and mentally back into shape. They also provide scholarships to help put them school if help better prepare them for the future, because we know rodeo careers only last so long.


Basically if there is a way to help make them be better in any way shape or form, the Western Sports Foundation is there for them to help with any sort of assistance.


I had always wanted to come up with a way to help support the WSF. Especially after all they had done for my husband and his multiple injured that led to surgeries. But the idea for a charity fashion show didn’t come to me until the summer of 2019. I finally thought of a fun exciting way for fans to come out and see all of their favorite riders and their families on a runway!



Peyton’s Project Runway has been able to give  more then 150,000  each year to Western Sports Foundation and  we continue to grow this number higher every year!

-Peyton Martin Gay