Mission and Purpose Statement
Western Sports Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to enhancing the overall success of western sports athletes by advancing their health and well-being. We pursue our mission by providing medical, life counseling and financial resources to meet immediate needs and prepare for life beyond competition.

Our History
Western Sports Foundation acknowledges the sacrifices competitors have made to develop & expand all Western Lifestyle Sports. Athlete health and wellness has been, is, and will always be paramount. Recognizing that emotional, mental and financial health are as important as physical health, Western Sports Foundation is focused on total athlete wellness and offers services and resources that focus on total wellness. 
WSF comes from a long tradition of caring for athletes and their families.
Formerly known as the Rider Relief Fund founded in 1998 following Jerome Davis’ career-ending fall and injury while bull-riding, Western Sports Foundation continues to attract and receive philanthropic support from thousands of friends, fans, sponsors, participants in and around all Western Lifestyle Sports.
Everything that Western Sports Foundation does for athletes.
• Counseling Services
   ◦ Substance Abuse, Grief Counseling, Suicide Intervention
• Post Concussion Treatment
   ◦ Sports Focused Neurologist
   ◦ Available for Face-to-Face Consultation
   ◦ Available On Site for Various Events
• Sports Psychology
• Post Injury Care
   ◦ Treatment Planning
   ◦ Case Management
   ◦ Specialists for Follow Up Visits (Post-Op),
• Gym Memberships (Reimbursement)
• Financial Assistance While Recovering from Injury
• Nutritionist
• Educate Athletes on Basic Life Skills
   ◦ Conflict Management
   ◦ Obtaining Medical Care
   ◦ Social Media (Build Your Brand)
   ◦ Public Speaking
   ◦ Personal Branding
• Additional Services
   ◦ Relationship Counseling
   ◦ Sexual Assault Support
   ◦ Crisis Management
• Access to Registered Investment Advisors and Certified Financial Planners Throughout the Country
   ◦ Baseline Financial Plan
   ◦ Life Insurance Review
   ◦ Retirement Plan Baseline
   ◦ Additional Information to Be Outlined in Education and Career Planning
• Funding Provided Via Scholarship Programs